sdTime icon imgeMac App Store graphic Do you frequently need to keep up with people in other timezones, or coordinate meetings across timezones?If so, this app is for you. sdTime is designed to allow you to see what time it is in various time zones using names that are meaningful to you. It is designed to be compact, always available, and allows you see what time it is in the various time zones from a list defined by you. It is designed to balance the display space it uses with readability.


  • User defined location and group names.
  • Compact table view with multiple sort options.
  • Analog clock view to any time zone in any group.
  • Access to the IANA time zones supported by Mac OS X which includes support for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Search for time zones based on country and region names.

New in 1.3.1:

  • Added an option to the preferences to set which windows are opened when the application is started.

New in 1.3.0:

  • Customizable fonts
  • Analog clock can now:
    • Be placed on the desktop, always on top, float as a window.
    • Display the GMT offset.
  • Table View:
    • Option to resize columns to fit contents.
    • Menu selection to display all columns.
  • Minor bug fixes.

New in 1.2.0:

  • Table View now has support for custom location colors.
  • Planning View – A new view that allows you to quickly see the date and time in all locations in a group at a user specified date and time.
  • Analog View has a number of improvements:
    • Aesthetically improved scaling from small to full screen with proportionate increases in the size of the hands and the fonts.
    • A number of new options:
      • Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, …)
      • Roman numerals (I, II, III, IIII, …)
      • Transparency
      • Contextual menu for location selection and options
      • Ability to display date, location, group, and time zone abbreviation on clock face.
      • AM/PM indicator on clock face
      • AM/PM color swapping
      • Solid clock face or transparent clock face
      • Dots for hour markers

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or later
  • Processor: Intel processor (64-bit)
  • Language: English

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  1. Hi
    Is it possible to switch off the analogue clock completely and only show the planning window?

    • Sorry for the delay in response.

      Hmmm… Good point. Originally there was and it appears that I have lost it through the evolution of program. (Now that yo mention it, I know the change that altered the behavior.)

      I’ll see about generating an update to add this functionality. It will probably take a couple of weeks for me to get the change out and get it through the approval process.

      • I just submitted an update, v1.3.1, to the Mac App Store that allows the user to set which windows are opened when the application starts. The setting can be found in the “Default Format” preference pane.

        Typically, it takes Apple about a week to approve an app. I will make a post to this web site when it is available.

  2. Hey, this is exactly how I use it as well: I just need the planning window. It is pretty handy, since in there I just enter the time slot I have for conversations and I see right away the time for my colleges around the world. NOW exactly because of this there would be a suggestion I would love seeing implemented: A copy & paste feature. Meaning I enter the time slot I have for an appointment and then I see what the exact date and time for my colleges on the other side of the planet is. BUT I now need to enter this time by hand. This is another source for errors and it simply takes longer than if I could simply copy & paste date and time with a click from the Planning Window into the chat, or the email or our project managment system for my colleges.

    Do you think this would be possible to implement. Either via right mouse click, or for example also with a tiny button “Copy Date & Time”, or anything like this.

    Looking forward to your answer.

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